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SMD Assembly line within 30k budget

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Hi there,
We have a small electronics design house focuses on embedded systems based in Italy.
We usually build prototypes and small batch of PCB for our clients using external partners.
For cost and speed reasons we are evaluating to setup an SMD assembly line in house and we are looking for the best compromise giving our budget for it, reasonably 30k.
Ideally we would like to get something which will be easy to setup for a specific job and will work with few trials. Giving our business model we have to churn different boards per month and we cannot afford long setup times for each one.
I know I have setup many constraints but would love to get people opinions and suggestions.
At the moment we are looking at Neoden based solutions. Maybe k1830 for pnp.

Thanks for your help!

Having seen a few user's experiences with NeoDen machines, I would stay away from them.
They look nice and have a few nice features but problems exist with their machines and support.


I have multiple HWGC machines. While they too have quirks, the machines have been fine and so has the support.
HWGC megathread https://www.eevblog.com/forum/manufacture/yx-smt660-smt880-pp-machines/msg3557816/#msg3557816

If you are interested in buying one, DM me and ill put you in touch with the factory. Don't buy from resellers.

I have a NeoDen YY1 and so far, I have been pretty satisfied with it. Support from NeoDen USA has been great. That being said, if you are setting up a production line for SMD the HWGC machine are a really good value. Of course, you'll also need a reflow oven. I have a NeoDen IN6 and I am very pleased with it. You will also need a good stencil printing setup.

In Europe you can easily get a good second hand line for that money.  Remember stencil printer is the most important part.  DEK, MPM or Ekra used or maybe GKG.  Philips, juki or Yamaha for higher mix. I'm happy with my essemtec oven. A few bits just broke on my mpm printer but the most important thing is if you can still get parts easily.  If it's a brand like Sony I'm not sure how easy it is to find parts anymore. My mpm has done a few million prints so it's pretty beaten up.  100% see second hand stuff in person.  It's worth flying there to check it out.  I should have, even from Australia to Europe. 

I think as much as people think the pnp is the main guy of the line, I would emphasis more on the importance of the stencil printer and oven. With that budget, either get a 2nd hand PNP of Japanese/European brand or some better Chinese machine like those from HWGC/Bovi/Boreytech/Kayo. Don't have experience with the stencil printer but read a lot from the guys over here about how good are Dek printers.


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