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Does anyone have any tip on what to do with empty SMD trays?
Do you just throw them away or do you return them somewhere for reuse?
Im working for a PCB manufacturer, and as time goes by we have about 350 trays stored. Seems like a shame to throw them away.


what are they made from ? sometimes the type of plastic is stamped on it as a code to guide recyclers on what to do with it. However, you might post some picture and we could suggest re-use options. There are often people who want storage trays for all kinds of things. You might also look for recycle and re-use networks in your area. 'freecycle' is a name of one, can't recall where it is though.

We have bins for plastic nowadays so they end up in that bin. I'm sure they can be recycled.

They can even be reused. I used to keep em handy to break in pieces to hand out samples.


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