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smt assembly of 0201's: is this standard easy no-risk tech these days?

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Back in the old days, 0201's were a pain in la derrier - yields were lousy, tombstoning was rampant, and at the end of the day, for some reason, if you looked in the bottom of the SMT machine with a magnifying glass, there'd be a bunch of stray orphans down there.   And that's if you could even find an SMT assembler who could do 0201.

But seems like these days, every smt assembler offers 0201, and in the last bunches of boards I've had done, the 0201 defect rate was exactly 0.0%.

So has mankind solved 0201?   Is there any professional SMT shop that does NOT offer 0201?


--- Quote from: frogblender on July 29, 2021, 12:29:58 am ---Is there any professional SMT shop that does NOT offer 0201?

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My business doesn't and I know plenty of other professional businesses who don't either. Even those who have 0201 capable machines often don't want the headache of dealing with such small parts. 0201 size parts are only really useful to high volume and/or extremely space constrained designs.

Yea lot's of places say they can do it, but like with any fine pitch components there is more upfront work to get reliability up

The main reason to use them is for fine pitch BGA and similar packages where
there just isn't room for larger components according to the fanout / via pitch involved with the package.
Occasionally a not-so-high volume and not-so-space constrained design has to make use of a fine
pitch CSP / BGA sort of component for which there isn't a larger alternative and
for which the use of 0201 passives is standard practice / commended layout.

If you follow the right DFM guidelines for the PCB design and the P&P / AOI / reflow systems
are capable of the parts it shouldn't be particularly problematic.

--- Quote from: Mangozac on July 29, 2021, 01:17:09 am --- 0201 size parts are only really useful to high volume and/or extremely space constrained designs.

--- End quote ---

As a small SMT/Assembly house I would currently decline 0201, while our P&P would claim to handle both 0201 and 01005 I'm frankly doubtful the feeders truly deliver the performance required and as none of our clients have so much as asked, we don't have the nozzles either (and they are expensive. There are other issues too, I have no interest in in printing with large numbers of something that small using manual or semi-automatic printers and also I'd want the designer to have prior knowledge and experience of working with tiny parts so we're not fighting issues caused by layout or pad design. Printing gets super critical at finer pitches, this is where you start needing multilevel stencils &/or dispense option on the printer/placement machine to add extra paste to larger parts.
Interestingly not one of our clients has dipped below 0402 and even then they only dabble so its not an issue I have to deal with. The one exception was some tiny ESD suppression diodes we placed recently, the stencil manufacturer we used chose to address this by making the stencil 80microns thick but I'm not sure a more expensive/technical supplier would have made the same choice and had I realised those parts were on the BOM the stencil would at least have been quoted elsewhere.


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