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SMT550 Problem



This machine SMT550 is driving me crazy.
One component is empty and I want to turn it off. I do that with a hook off. This is ok, the component is now without assembling


I bought a component and want to activate it again.NO CHANCE.

The machine ignores it no matter what I do.
regrouping doesn't work either or I'm doing it wrong.
How exactly do you group or have another Idea to activate the component?


Explain in more detail as I'm struggling to understand what you are referring to?

In SMT Run tab, you need to go into the settings and enable the tick box there for the part

I have a new SMT-550X and am having the same issue.  When running my first boards, I was having issues with two components.  I chose to skip those two components.  I have corrected the issue but no matter what I do, those parts are ignored when assembling.  It isn't even attempting to place these two parts on this assembly even though other assemblies they are placed.  For the life of me I can't find where to correct this issue.  I've checked in the SMT run settings and have found nothing corrects this issue.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I suppose I could re-build the program from scratch but don't want to.

Edit to add:  I can move this part to a different feeder location and it works.  Still have no idea how to get two of my feeder locations to function though.

I've skipped parts before and have re-enabled them without problems. Strange that you had to move it to a different feeder location. Did you see the part checkboxes in the SMT run settings?

You could try to reach out to their support rep Ekko via Skype on live:191983573


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