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Socket AM3+ reflow advice

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I bought this 990FX AM3+ motherboard. When I first took it home, I met the seller and it was freezing cold.
Went home, put a cpu and it just POSTED fine for a while.

After some time I wanted to build a fast machine to test more cpus but this time no POST.
Pushing down the cpu would get me some POST codes but that was it. Maybe different stages and different codes but the same stuff basically. :)
Been pushing too much and it won't issue codes anymore, I guess more solder balls broke.

My diagnosis is: an issue with the socket and it needs a reflow (better would be a replacement but I'd fail as I don't have the correct equipment).


how should I proceed to reflow it? I have the usual basic solder station (iron + air).

I thought tons of flux on top and going from 100°C ---> 150° ----> ... ----> 350°C. Up to 200°C being a preheat and adding flux afterwards.

Sounds right? Mistakes? Advice? I'm all ears!!

Thanks in advance!!

What specific equipment do you have?
You need a high wattage hot air source and preheater at minimum.

Search youtube for socket replacement and you'll find various videos.
Here is one low budget one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nWrx8QcNiI

I have a Preciva 8786 2-in-1 hot air station,
The usual entry level soldering station.

I watched a few videos but I can't figure out if the temp will melt the socket or if it ok to go up to 350°C.
I need to understand, and learn at the same time, if the board is dead before going all in on a socket replacement.

With the right equipment it's a kids' joke. Or maybe the pro make it look too easy :)

The most common issue is the RAM! Clean the slots properly.
Sometimes dust get into the socket holes, blow some air in it, also drop some alcohol and keep blowing to drag any contaminants away.

If still failing, these mobos are cheaply found second hand, don't waste your time, by no way you're reflowing such a massive board with cheap equipment.

You need a large BGA rework machine that preheats the entire board, locally heating the socket will cause warping, making it even worse!

Interesting! Didn't know about warping. Looking it up.



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