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Hello, first time poster.  Thanks for giving room for me to ask questions with this forum. 

I am just learning to solder components.  I am soldering a resistor 0201 size.  My question is how to test if my soldering job is sufficient so that the resistor is doing it's job.  So for example, if the resistor looks like it's solderer, I want to know 100% that I did it right.  Is there a way to test with multimeter?  If so, what is the steps to do so.....thanks for your time!

You are unlikely to find anything less than gross faults with a multimeter.  A visual inspection under magnification is probably your best bet.  A quick Google for SMD solder inspection criteria will get you descriptions and pictures of what to look for.


--- Quote from: Inspectorgadget on March 20, 2016, 02:07:54 am ---I am just learning to solder components.  I am soldering a resistor 0201 size.

--- End quote ---

0201 is very small for you to "learn to solder components".  Most people would call it quits with hand soldering at 0402.

A good microscope for inspection. With multimeter you need some test points other than terminals of the resistor itself. Moreover, the fact it measures properly at the moment, does not guarantee there is a good solder joint.

Hopefully the NASA Workmanship Standards: Pictorial Reference site should be of some help (covers more than just soldering).  ;)


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