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Soldering Machines/Robots for Through holes ? Robotdigg R8 Anyone???

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Hey Guys,

I'm new to this forum. Sorry if someone already discuss my topic; I just can't find the answers to my questions:

1. All of my PCBs have though hole components (JST Connectors) and I'm trying to find a cheap soldering machine but they are all above 5K. Does anyone know any cheaper ones besides the Robotdigg R8?
2. Speaking of Robotdigg R8 model; I cant find any information or videos from users. Does anyone knows about this machine (link below)
3. Is there any DIY solutions for soldering machines?

Thanks alot !

R8 Soldering Machine: https://www.robotdigg.com/product/1025/R8-series-automatic-PCB-Soldering-Robot-Machine?gclid=CjwKCAiAkrTjBRAoEiwAXpf9Cet67HC3gu3ef-Pk0yUmoVzROIj6E1ruUCSnuIf5UkeCKISSOHTO4RoCP9UQAvD_BwE

I have a CNC mill.  I built a solder feed drive for it with a little gear motor and drive, and some logic.  When signaled by the CNC control, it can advance solder wire, and then retract just a bit when the signal stops.  I put a standard soldering iron in a spring-loaded tube, and use the Z-axis plunge of the CNC to apply the iron to the board.

Well, it didn't work all that well.  If the solder wire doesn't wet to the connection, it will continue to fail to make a solder joint until manually attended to.
After that result, I changed the setup to use about twice the thickness of solder wire, but have never put it back on the mill to try again.  If I have to stand there watching it, I might as well just solder the board by hand.

So, it ALMOST worked, but seems like it still needs some tinkering to get it right.


I am faced with similar issues that Mendez is facing.

I think a solder fountain is the better way to go.

Haven't found anything inexpensive enough but i am looking.
Selective soldering machines are in the 20K preloved state.

I' tempted to just buy the cheap R8 model from robotdigg and try to make it compatible with OpenPNP ? Do you think it's that is possible?

jmelson; I'm willing to try what you did. Do you have any pictures of your setup?

It is possible altough it already uses D code interpreter.
Nothing wrong with G code, the language of modern CNC machines.


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