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SRA Ultrasonic Cleaners - any good?

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I'm looking at purchasing an SRA UC-32D-PRO-220 ultrasonic cleaner (220V). Does anyone have experience with this brand? Its available at Digikey with delivery to Australia but I'm curious how well it compares with other brands out there for reliability, such as Crest which seem very well regarded.

SRA Products here

phil from seattle:
following...  That looks like a good size (I need to do 100x100mm boards frequently) and the price is right.  Unfortunately, every one with a reasonable price that I've looked at gets terrible reviews and I can't justify dropping 600 bones for one that gets good reviews. 

Yeah they of course have a full range of 110V machines also. Like you said they seem well priced and come with the baskets/racks etc. The SRA UC-45D-PRO has a bit more power, and an extra transducer for $50 more (as well as a 1.1-4.5L capacity vs 0.8-3.2L capacity). Not a lot more solution to fill to the minimum mark (1.1L vs 0.8L) - maybe thats the way to go.

Well I ended up buying a cheapie off eBay (AU$249) - 10L though so will fit my (frameless) stencils in there as well : https://vevor.com.au/collections/ultrasonic-cleaner/products/ultrasonic-cleaner-10l-150-300w-degas-jewelry-cleaner-ultrasonic-cleaner

Hopefully it will last a couple of years at least - we'll see.

I run a few. Had an issue with one, their CS was great to me.

No other issues.


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