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Stencil printers, what to buy?

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I just took delivery of a SD-360U (from printtec.nl). Super fast service, extremely well packed and a very nice piece of equipment!
I know it is not exactly cheap, and you could probably build something yourself for a lot less. For me that's not an option. I don't have the time, the tools (and probably also not the skills) to do it. And, I'd rather spend my time designing electronics and software (I also don't repair my own cars ;) )

Anyway, the printer looks and feels very nice, its easy to mount the stencil/PCB and do the alignment.
(I have yet to use it for real, but it looks like that will be no problem at all)

Well I ordered an SD240 (SP912 M1), it looks ok but I have virtually no movement on the X axis, the knobs only do 1/3 of a turn, can't even move it a pitch of 0.65mm.


--- Quote from: Simon on June 20, 2020, 05:54:48 am ---Well I ordered an SD240 (SP912 M1), it looks ok but I have virtually no movement on the X axis, the knobs only do 1/3 of a turn, can't even move it a pitch of 0.65mm.

--- End quote ---

Thats strange. My SD-360 has many mm's of movement on all 3 axis ?!

Yea I'd say this one is damaged.

Well I finally have my working printer. I can't say I am impressed with the nearly accurately named Blundell - take two "l's" off and put and "r" on. I went through a UK distributor for added security on such an expensive purchase and why not help the local economy too despite the possibility of purchasing direct from Europe for £100 less.

So I had to chase for the quote and then got quoted the wrong one but got that straight. I tried knocking them down but they just offered the £17 postage for free which I accepted. So I ordered and it turned up one week later as like all British businesses they don't stock it, they order it from Spide' and send it on.

As noted above it did not work on arrival and had damage. I re-examined the box having gotten caught up in the crossfire of Blundell and Spide arguing about who's fault it was and given the damage to the box that was not obvious but clearly showed what hit where and where the corner took a bashing. So they agreed to take it back "for repair" which I objected to as I wanted it replacing and I did not want a bodge job. They said that spide was going to send a new one and that I needed to return it to them as they needed to sort out the damage at their cost which I did not care to hear the detail of it kinda felt like they were bitter but not my flipping problem.

We did discuss packaging as they used the small bubblewrap which is hopeless for something the size of an A4 sheet of paper weighing 7kg. I suggested the bigger bubble stuff which apparently they struggle te find despite me finding it in 5 seconds flat.....

so 15 days later I finally have my SD-240 quadrupal shipped...... i had to pay the return shipping but as they made it sound like they had been done an injustire when it was their own fault and I got free shipping i did not bother to quible.

I am still amazed at the fantastic price these things go for for what they are. I mean for less i purchase, a thermal imaging camera, well speced PC, 1kW bench power supply, IR oven, fume extractor, i mean all of these things are relatively complex yet 2 pieces of acetal a hinged frame and some mechanism cost that much.

Not impressed. I think I'll show it to the machinist at work tomorrow.


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