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Suggestions for Taiwan PCB house that does small-ish orders?


I typically order about 400 boards at a time, so not big, not tiny.

I'm just re-shopping around the non-Chinese PCB fab houses, see if I'm still happy where I currently go (U&I in South Korea usually). I handle my own assembly.

Are you willing to share some PCB requirements (board details/layers, impedance controlled, price expectation (maybe for a sample board) etc.)? We could ask around here. We're located in the south of Taiwan and work with some companies here. Some of them only understand chinese, anything beyond that would be a pain to communicate.

Nothing special except 2 oz copper.

I typically have 4 layer boards, standard easy-to-manufacture sized traces (normally 0.4mm and larger) and vias (always 0.3mm drill and larger), no controlled impedance. Normal size is 150x250 or so. Nothing that would be outside of JLC standard board specs.

Can you send me some gerber files and notes which we can forward?
If you really want to manufacture in Taiwan send me a DM with your email.

We have our own products and are fully occupied, I wouldn't mind to sign a small non disclosure note in case there's any doubt.

Try jetpcb.com - they have an office in the USA. In general, you will pay more for vendors in Taiwan than China. Respectively, higher in South Korea than Taiwan. JETPCB makes a great board and have used them in the past for years. These days, use jlcpcb and they have acquired another shop or they work with them for some of the 4L pcbs we have recently had made. Either way, the quality is great - not as good as JETPCB but then again we are not paying the premium pricing.


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