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Suitable UK/EU oven for Controleo3?

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I'm looking for a suitable small oven to use with a Controleo3 kit in the UK...

Anyone got experiences on this that they'd like to share?



I don't know specifically about that kit but I bought a £20 oven on amazon and it's worked fine on my homebrew controller.


The exact model is no longer available but the listing has the various specs and you can find a bunch of different ovens badged differently but the same bodywork.

I dunno if our 240V makes the requirements for a particularly powerful oven less of an issue. I found it heated up more than fast enough to follow the standard reflow curves, even without insulation. Cooling down was more of an issue... which I "solved" by opening the door after the cycle was done. I should get a servo like those kits but with JLC assembly service I haven't used the oven in a while.

I have a different (but similar) oven from Robert Dyas which works fine. It's probably also no longer available in quite the same format. To be honest, I'd go with that ever you can find that's around 9L and 1kW - I'm sure they're almost identical inside.

Hi guys, I'm as well in the UK in the process of selecting components to build an oven.
I too was attracted by the controleo3 (standard package no kit) so I've been researching a bit the power needed to make a proper one.
What I found out is that 2000W for 9l works ok and gives 95 to 100% score in the controleo3 test if the whole machine is well insulated.
The oven I'd like to get is a 10l 1000w oven on eBay, but I need to get it to at least 2000W :-/O .
I've found on Aliexpress a pair of 500W 220V heating cartridges (stainless steel) for around 10 GBP, so I'd like to use them for a build instead of having to fit more quartz elements.
Do you happen to know if there is a particular reason to go full-quartz or should they be ok?
The controleo3 advanced kit does happen to contain one of these cartridges.
If too OT I'll delete the post.


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