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My IN6 has also been problematic since day 1 - I've had all elements replaced once, and the zone 3 top and bottom replaced an additional 2 times each, and some days I can get it to reflow fine and others, the top zone 3 element wont get to temperature. I get the earth leakage issue on super cold days ion the machine has been idle for more than 2-3 days. PITA.

I was looking at the IN12 before Neoden decided to not fix my PnP - but that situation has evolved since it was discussed a few weeks back (though not quite there yet - I'll update everyone "soon") - so I might look at the IN12 again - the chain version, not the mesh one. I need chain to be able to also use my PCB re-stacker.  My goal is a fully automated line from start to finish.

I have 3-phase here specifically installed for a new oven to replace the IN6 - unfortunately it's hard to find a good and intuitive to use 5-6 zone 3 phase oven that isn't either too long for my space requirements (most are 3.2m + in length) or that don't cost a left kidney (looking at you Essemtec and Heller).... so though the IN12 is only single phase, it's shorter than the other options and it has the 6 top and 6 bottom elements, so there's a lot more control and granularity compared with the IN6...  but might also be as bad with the element breakdowns.


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