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Tearing my hair out with a Chinese PCB company

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I've been buying a panel, 32 circuits on it, for many years.

The last company, China, ran for ~ 5 years and then vanished.

I found another. I sent them the gerber data, and for avoidance of any doubt I sent them by DHL a panel of the existing (production/assembly tested) board.

The idea is that they test the existing sample panel against the gerber data, to make sure there is no mis-interpretation of the data.

But they didn't get this at all.

After many emails, dealing with poor English, I agreed to pay USD 200 for them to make 1 panel from my gerber. They could then test that panel, and immediately test my sample panel, and if they both pass then obviously the two panels are electrically identical :)

No joy...

3 months and many emails later, no progress. It sort of appears that their panel probably does test ok. But they just don't get the principle of testing both panels to the same data.

Is there some other interpretation on this saga?

Can you get them to send you back your original sample and a production sample and test them yourself?

That's a tedious process. It'd be much easier if they ran both panels through their flying probes machine.

But this ordeal has only one conclusion: you cannot possibly work with this manufacturer.

Why would they bother testing your other board? I don't think this is a typical request, and that's why they are probably confused.

You send gerbers, they send you the boards that match those gerbers. Why there needs to be another board involved?

And also, let's say they don't match, what do you want them to do? They can't be responsible for some third-party board.


--- Quote from: thinkfat on October 25, 2021, 05:31:45 pm ---That's a tedious process.

--- End quote ---

Not really, you just build one!


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