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Temperature resistant, strong nylon wire to tie down inductors?


I have 2kW offline Proto PCB.....big torroid inductors for PFC.....need tie-ing down to PCB.....stop them moving about....i have NPTH's in PCB...now seek strong, temperature resistant, electrically insulating "wire" to tie the torroids down.
Will fishing line be OK?  What do people use for this?
This is purely for prototype only.

Fishing line 0.5mm

Zipties are one popular way of doing it.

Even the normal zip ties should handle boiling temperatures without a problem, but you can also find more specialized zip ties that are designed for more hostile environments because they are made from special high temp/ high chemical resistance plastics.

how about a nylon bolt and washer? I think threading into a riveted PCB insert would be best.


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