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Thermal material compatible with reflow


Hello all,

I am making a module which needs a thermal pad or thermal interface material. the module will be eventually soldered to the carrier board using reflow method. What are my options to use on such module? does the regular thermal pad survives the reflow temperature?

Many thanks in advance.


Did you read the datasheet of the thermal pad in question?

Search on digikey and you'll see a variety of temperature ranges available.

Yes, Almost all thermal pad are rated for maximum temperature of 100C, there are some graphite pads which are grainy and electrically conductive, which is not preferrable

This one for example has max working temp of 180oC. https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/t-global-technology/TG-A6200-10-10-0-5/11201359 Should survive short term reflow temperature just fine, Lower temp thermal pads probably will me fine too but it would be the best to just check them in practice. As of thermal pastes, cheapest alumina powder filler and silicone oil based thermal pastes should be just fine.


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