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Tiny QFNs on 12mm tape and CL feeders

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Hi all,

We've noticed a few issues when placing really small packages like 3x3 QFNs and similar that are for some strange reason supplied on 12mm tape. Mounted to a Yamaha CL12 feeder. As indicated in the first photo, parts are regularly jumping out of the slot on the top of the feeder's tape cover!

The issue seems to be that as the cover tape tensions up it's lifting the tape cover on the feeder. This allows too much slop in the tape as it travels through and obviously gives the part room to jump up once the cover tape has been peeled back. The feeder has a mechanism to limit this movement when locked into the pick and place, but this still allows for quite a lot of vertical movement of the plastic embossed carrier tape.

Does anybody have any experience with this? Do we simply need to modify a specific 12mm feeder to prevent the tape cover from lifting? I'm thinking maybe just epoxy in a small piece to fill the gap when the feeder is locked in place.


I have been using 3x3mm QFN from TI on CL12 feeder, they work flawlessly. I think they are not very "light" to be popping out of tapes unlike LED.
The gap you shown is about less than 2mm wide, so unless the cover is really lose and have too much of height left between the base and him, they might jump out.
You seems to be having a lot of issues with feeders I believe? Maybe you can ask Kayo on how to adjust the feeder mechanically, they probably come across this sort of stuff all the time.
I also notice if you buy feeder from different seller, they have slight variation and some perform better and more consistently than others.

I didn't believe it was possible for parts to pop out of the gap, but my machine operator witnessed it with his own eyes!

No, we rarely have issues with feeders - this seems to be exclusively these small parts on the 12mm feeders. Sure, I will ask Kayo if they have any comments, but they don't make the feeders and the CL feeders are pretty commonly used here.

Couple of questions
1) Is it ther same feeder, or different ones (try swapping out feeders)
2) Is the feeder location always the same one? It could be the knock pin for advancing the feeder
3) Most 3x3 ICs are in 12mm tape, so unsure why yu thought this was odd.

1. No, the problem has occurred on different feeders (swapping feeders is always the first thing to try).
2. These are pneumatic feeders but no, the feeder location is different.
3. I wasn't aware. Until now we've only used accelerometers in the 3x3 QFN and they came on 8mm tape.


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