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TO220 middle leg bend-out tool

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Is this the cheapest repeatable  TO220 middle leg bend-out tool?


That's a tool for bending and forming open lengths of wire and strip, it will be totally useless for selectively bending just the middle leg of a TO220 pkg repeatably or otherwise. It is not the cheapest tool for the purpose as it doesn't work. Do you agree?

Have you looked at these ?

central lead formed 5.08 mm https://www.dpv-elektronik.de/Products/Tools/Pliers/Bending---Forming-pliers/Bending-pliers-TO-220-5.html

central lead formed 3.81 mm https://www.dpv-elektronik.de/Products/Tools/Pliers/Bending---Forming-pliers/Bending-pliers-TO-220--90-.html

side lead formed 3.81 mm https://www.dpv-elektronik.de/Products/Tools/Pliers/Bending---Forming-pliers/Bending-pliers-TO-220-4.html

side lead formed 2.54 mm https://www.dpv-elektronik.de/Products/Tools/Pliers/Bending---Forming-pliers/Bending-pliers-TO-220.html

central lead formed 2.50 mm https://www.dpv-elektronik.de/Products/Tools/Pliers/Bending---Forming-pliers/Bending-pliers-TO-220-3.html

and others... a whole list at the bottom of the pages... They say in stock but who knows

You could probably easily 3D print some plastic tool to bend the leads.

For example, I'm thinking something in two steps, a first part just big enough to lock the to-220 in place and to block the leads up to the point where you want to bend the lead. Then slide the part into a bigger part that would make the  bend on the center lead... squeeze the tool to bend the middle lead to the shape you want.   

Optionally you would want to have a version for 5 pin to-220 or other versions.

David Aurora:

--- Quote from: Faringdon on September 29, 2023, 06:09:04 pm ---Hi,
Is this the cheapest repeatable  TO220 middle leg bend-out tool?

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Hope this helps.

Kim Christensen:
Have you checked with the manufacturer if a version of the part comes with preformed leads?


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