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Free PCB Fabrication Trial Promotion completed! (Updated on DEC 16)

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A.   Username – SPRX
B.   Have you written any review report – No
C.   If yes, please provide reference. –

A.   Username – Christopher
B.   Have you written any review report – No
C.   If yes, please provide reference. –

What are your prices for 10 pieces 5cmx5cm, 5x10cm, 10x10cm ?

Thank you for all participants interesting in our trial promotion, we may hold another promotion in the future.

Have just gone through the process with Jaco and this free PCB offer. Sent for some Arduino-compatible PCBs whose design files you can find here:

All the communication was on the 17th, after sending the EAGLE .brd file they replied with the gerbers on the same day. They looked fine so I paid the small fee and went on holiday. On the 23/12 they replied with the parcel tracking details and a photo of the parcel.
The parcel arrived on the 30th with the boards very safely packaged, and a bonus sixth board:

A tiny scratch on the heatsink area on one of the boards, so we'll call it the free one - however it doesn't affect the use. It was good to see their code placed in the ATmega328P footprint, however I can't say if this was intentional or just a fluke.

In the past I've only used two PCB suppliers, however these from Jaco look fine and we look forward to building up the boards in the next week so see how they go. If you want any photos in higher detail, let me know.

Overall a pleasant experience, and thanks to Jaco for their generous offer. :)

I received my boards today. Ordered them about 2 weeks ago.

They came in this nice box

Antistatic bubble wrap and bag. Let's see what's inside the bag...

More bubble wrap! Very professional for this cost  :-+

Finally, here's the PCB's. They came out great. I am very happy  :D

Great silk screen!


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