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Free PCB Fabrication Trial Promotion completed! (Updated on DEC 16)

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Hi, All EEVblog members


I am Ethan from JACO. As our introduction in the new member topic, my company would like to hold a trial promotion for EEVblog members all around the world.

My company JACO (HK) were established to serve SME, electronic designers & engineers build their PCB assembly and PCB fabrication, specialize in prototype and low volume orders.

Our strengths include -

* Reasonable price for 1-6 Layers PCB packages, from 5pcs to 100pcs, within 25 sq cm to within 1000 sq cm...
* PCB packages charged by the PCB Dimension
* Plenty of Options for the packages - Board thickness, Surface Finish, Copper Thickness, Soldermask color and etc...We would like to receive more comment and feedback from the user, that's why we hold a trial promotion at EEVblog.

Trial Promotion Details

When will the trial promotion start?

* Starts from 26 November 2013
What is the prize for this promotion?

* Regular Prize - We will offer a set of 2 Layer PCB Basic Package, We will pick one member out of every ten participants randomly. No limit until further notification. for all participants!
* Special Prize – If the participant has written a detailed review report about any product or service before, we may offer a set of 2 Layer PCB Basic Package for them individually.
* 2 Layer PCB Basic Package - 5pcs 2 Layer PCB within 25 sq cm, please check our website http://jacohk.com/services.asp?id=7 or ebay store http://www.ebay.com/itm/161157119409 for more details.
How to join this promotion?

* Please follow the format below to reply this post.

A.   Username – jacohk
B.   Have you written any review report – Yes
C.   If yes, please provide reference. – www.xxxx.com

We will record the participants' user name in the end of this post. One out of every ten participants will be picked randomly as the winner. The winner All participants will be informed to place the PCB FAB order and complete the transaction through eBay within seven days.
Do the winners need to pay?

* The winners only need to pay US$4.9 for Registered Air Mail postage (Worldwide, delivery within 6-18 days). We will issue a US$5 cash coupon to the winners for the next order.
The winners can pay extra to ship the boards by FedEx or EMS if the prefer to receive the board early.
Can the winners choose different options?

* If the winners would like to choose different options from the standard one, (e.g. Size, Surface finish, Soldermask color and etc...) we will offer 10-20% discount on particular item.
Upgrade to 4 Layers PCB package is welcome.
Any advantages for the participants other than the winners?

* For other participants, we will issue a 15% discount coupon for compensation. Discount coupon can be used to purchase all PCB packages and their options.(Postage excluded)
Do the winners need to do anything when they received the boards?

* Please check them, assembly them and test them ASAP. After that, please start a new topic and write a review report include the following issues.

1. Pre Sales Services
2. Order procedure
3. Payment
4. Shipping
5. Quality
6. After Sales Services

All kinds of feedback & comments are welcome, not only positive feedback. We would like to hear any suggestions you may have for improvements.

Questions and Comments

Any questions or comments, Please feel free to PM us or reply this post. We hope this promotion will suit your needs.

Participants' list

1. jacohk
2. niekproductions (Regular prize)
3. free_electron (Special prize - 2 Layer PCB within 100 sq cm package.)
4. codeboy2k (Regular prize)
5. jabramo (Regular prize)
6. ludzinc (Regular prize)
7. Strangelovemd12 (Regular prize)
8. tronixstuff (Special prize - 2 Layer PCB within 100 sq cm package.)
9. EdoNork (Regular prize)
10. BWarthur (Regular prize)
11. SPRX (Regular prize)
12. Christopher (Regular prize)

A.   Username – niekproductions
B.   Have you written any review report – No
C.   If yes, please provide reference. –

A.   Username – vincenthimpe
B.   Have you written any review report – Yes
C.   If yes, please provide reference. – www.siliconvalleygarage.com

A.   Username – codeboy2k
B.   Have you written any review report – No
C.   If yes, please provide reference. –

A.   Username – jabramo
B.   Have you written any review report – No
C.   If yes, please provide reference. –


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