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So im building something that needs a casing like the linkhttp://m.aliexpress.com/item/1831721560.html

Are there any sites/companies that offers these kind of casing in different sizes.

UsbA male/female holes need to be present.

Have searched alot but not been able to find anything. Cheap China stuff works.

This may work: http://www.pactecenclosures.com/product-models.php?classid=25&seriesid=82 It's a sort of build your own case with multiple end caps including male and female USB A connectors.

Woaah thats a great suggestion regarding usage and size. Although i need to contact them to ask if it's possible to get it transparent.

I'm still open for more suggestions!

You need many of them?  I guess that some guy at the DirtyPcb/DP company in Shenzhen could easily find something for you at a low cost down in Huaqiangbei.  Or Mitch at Hackvana...  They both does that kind of services in addition to their regular PCB services.

Well yes i will need at least 100 pcs.

But if you get these "custom made" casing then you need to send them some kind of Mech Cad files i guess??


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