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Video showing 4L PCB manufacturing process

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This is very helpful for learning the PCB  manufacturing process,especially for the PCB novice

Thanks for the video. I couldn't imagine that so many steps are involved in a PCB manufacturing process.

With the level of precision required, I do not understand the usefulness of operator visual inspections. It seems they do not spend more than a few minutes on each panel.
I guess they rely on their experience and they know what to look, what the common faults are, etc.

Regarding the video posted by firewalker... Sometime ago, I read that environmental organizations installed GPS devices into "to-be-recycled" appliances in order to show that, many times, they don't follow a logical trip to recycling facilities. Some people disassembled and dismantled the products, illegally, before reaching their destination in order to make easy money.

I hope someday, we all are conscious that we have to take into account environment and other people like the boys that appear in that video.


--- Quote from: firewalker on July 04, 2013, 11:13:11 am ---Nice!

The reverse process:


--- End quote ---

A really candid look at the opposite side of the "beautifully engineered," "perfect," "superior" circuit board industry. Thanks.

I didn't know there was that much hands-on.  But this must be a contrast to high-volume, mass market PCBs.
Right? This is for one-offs and low volume isn't it?  And how competitively priced are eurocircuits? It seems like a very high quality product.

One thing I wondered about was how much strain can a PCB handle?  Some of those places where the board is transfered from one conveyor to another they are picked up by a rotating channel but it's a small channel relative to the size of the board.

i dont see how internal buried vias are made and plated. they went straight to layer press before drilling indicating either the board they used for demo doesnt have internal buried vias or they dont support it? i need some light on this thank you.


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