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Video showing 4L PCB manufacturing process

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here's how they do it in China  - pretty similar.

Arjunan M R:
--- Quote from: mikeselectricstuff on May 26, 2013, 01:03:53 am ---Nice detailed vid showing the process for manufacturing 4 layer PCBs at Eurocircuits

--- End quote ---
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Nice share

I want to start an e-waste recycling business. Here in the center of the United states (North Dakota). Not much of it is known about around here. I found a electric organ that I swear it has sliver wires. There were these rods in there that were 4mm thick. They came up 18% gold and 81% silver and 1% palladium. Using a mass spectrometer. It was old. I want to use the profits to grow to eventually take care of the really toxic stuff. Idk but would you guys like to see some pictures of some old hand soldered organ PCB. I was actually sad taking it apart it was beautiful in a way. And it had to take a lot to build.

 :) nice!


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