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What is happening with JLCPB?

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if only it had been the problem with the corona. have you checked all my previous messages regarding the progress of my last order? i guess not. each of them has a link to the previous message and there you can check the sequence of problems in chronological order.

--- Quote from: DiyHax on January 23, 2022, 06:50:30 am ---Hi folks, I have been ordering at JLCPCB for a couple of years. They have always been very supportive.  It doesn't make sense to blame them, which trouble caused by external problems like Corona.  I have experience with other Chinese PCB companies too. Trust me, JLCPCB has been the best one for me. About shipment and delivery, I found JLCPCB most convenient because they offer multiple shipping methods which you won’t find in most other company websites. Certainly, we can’t blame JLCPCB for shipment held or delayed by Customs due to Corona. It’s not their fault, I believe. Guys, share my last orders from JLCPCB

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i am checking the progress of the shipment daily using the carrier's tracking information. thanks anyway for your messages.

--- Quote from: JLCPCB Official on January 22, 2022, 08:05:52 am ---Hello sir. JLCPCB has been following your order situation for a long time and hopes to assist you with your questions as soon as possible.
     As a PCB manufacturer, we always hope to provide customers with fast and high-quality PCBs. You said that you placed many orders on JLCPCB, so you may also like our service, right?  We really appreciate your trust.
    According to the checks, again and again, your order was unblocked yesterday. The reason is the same as what our customer support explained to you all the time. It is because the government controls the shipment flow and it cannot be shipped smoothly. This kind of situation rarely occurs, but we are so sorry still.
    For every special case, JLCPCB gives true answers to customers honestly and has also worked hard to communicate with related logistics companies and customs departments, so as not to cause customers trouble. We value every customer experience important please trust that we have the heart to solve it and are always here to assist customers.

--- End quote ---

I buy in JLCPCB items into the UK and have had no problems with couriers mostly.
I had one batch go China, Germany, UK, USA, UK once but otherwise its been fine.

On the other hand royal mail post in the uk is very up and down due to covid.
Some of my stuff is taking 2 weeks between uk locations !
I get the stuff in 5-6 days from CHina.

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day 39 (since first delivery) / 48 (since payment): new message from jlcpcb, they said: "this parcel is the special case, due to the COVID-19 case outbreak in some area of Shenzhen suddenly, and some parcels (included your order regrettably) are in that area, so those parcels are holding and DHL could not ship out those parcel due to the epidemic prevention and control in Shenzhen."

so apparently this confirms that the problem was really very selective and does not affect the whole city of shenzhen but only certain areas.

by the way, i just checked that the first of the aliexpress orders i placed on january 16, has successfully cleared customs in my country today.

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day 40 (since the delivery of the order) / 49 (since the payment): finally the pending order was delivered. thanks to jlcpcb, finn and rebecca for their efforts keeping in contact almost daily since i reported the problem.

by the way, aliexpress orders are still arriving normally, i think it is clear that the corona restrictions are only affecting certain couriers or some areas of some cities


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