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What is LOT number and Batch number

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I have heard about LOT number and Batch number for electronic devices. What do they represent ? Can a device with one LOT number have different Batch numbers ?

Lets suppose there exist a device (called "device A") available at two distributors and they have different LOT numbers. What does it means ? The two devices does not come from same manufacturing process ?   

The exact definitions depend on the vendor and a type of product.

Often batch number is used for the things where visual appearance matters. Stuff like LEDs, where minor variations in the process or materials may affect the final color. In that case batch number would identify devices manufactured on the same equipment from the materials.

Complex semiconductor devices (like MCUs) will have 5-10 different tracking codes, which are all linked in the backend database and publicly identified by the trace code printed on the case or available through device ID registers. And again, the exact details on what is contained in those codes would be different.


to give some ideas

or this text:

Generally, batch numbers should be assigned at the point of production or processing, with a format indicating date, time, location, and sequence.

Lot numbers should be assigned at the point of shipment or receipt, with a format indicating order number, customer number, supplier number, or other relevant information.

Electronic pcb's have or may have revisions too ...

But same answers as @Ataradov  too        Electronics, phamaceuticals,  etc ...   it change

Know that "lot" is not an acronym, it is a word meaning "an item or set of items for sale" (and also in American English "a plot of land", but that is also an artefact of how land is/was sold). So as others have said, a lot number will be concerning the sale of goods, whereas a batch number is concerning how the manufacture of those goods is arranged.

It may well be that a lot consists of multiple batches, or that a batch is divided into multiple lots. Two distributors may have the same product with different lot numbers because the product was ordered and sold specifically for each distributor alone.

If there is no change in the design and manufacturing procedure but the devices are not manufactured at the same time. Would there be different Batch numbers ?


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