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I am searching for a cheap source for capacitors and/or resistors full reels (normal 5000pcs) of 0603 size. Except from the regular distributors like Farnell, RS, DigiKey etc have you got anything better in mind like any good surplus shop?
I can see that eBay is an "interesting" place for full reels for about $10 for common values but both of my last two orders the reel damaged at the shipping process.

Full reels? Go straight to the big distributors: Arrow, EBV, Avnet, Future, Rutronik. You don't say where you are, but here in the UK I'd probably start by calling up Flint Distribution.

If you are in the UK and just need a few reels, Rapid Electronics have resistors at pretty good prices.

TruOhm 1% 0603 are £3.76 per reel of 5000, inc VAT.

They also do capacitors, for example £17.74 for a reel of 10nF 4000 X7r 0603 ceramics.

You can get 5000 reels from digikey for US$3.90

eg  http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/RC1608J100CS/1276-5014-2-ND/3965321

Thanks for your answers!
My main source was Farnell but the reels there are expensive having in mind what you have already suggested.
DigiKey is always the best source for components in general but the prices to import them in Europe (including VATs and import taxes) are getting higher and higher every month!


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