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Which Aixun soldering station


Which model of Aixun soldering station have the lightest stick and the most flexible cable?

Till now im using Xytronic LF-8800 desoldering station and Bakon 950D which i really like a lot

What I need
Flexible cable
Small tickness tips 0.15mm
Short distance from tip to the handle


What you might want is a T115 clone model, as the handpiece and tips are very small.

There are lots of them, the station will be used in audio service, 5-6h per day, 4days per week
Which one is the most reliable? I also found I2C station which seems to be close clone to JBC
My budget is about 400 euro

Also id like to get station with linear power supply which should last much longer

For that kind of money you can get a used Metcal MX500 on ebay.  Great handle distance great tip range and they are indestructible.  The power delivery great too.  I've used mine for soldering down to 0201.

I would like to buy new station
Help me to decide, get t3b with SMPS or single/dual t420 with linear power supply?

Or maybe I2C will be better choice over t420?


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