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Wire Soldering with a Wave

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Anyone ever used a wave to solder wires to a PCB?  Have a project that requires 10 wires soldered per PCB a few hundred boards per month.  I've looked at IDC terminals for direct wire to board.  However, the cost on those is higher than I'd like.  We will have a wave soon but have never seen anyone solder wires with a wave.  Looking at DIP soldering as well but trying to limit the amount of equipment we need.

get this guy, https://youtu.be/HF0E8WeEUVM?si=sZFDAYm7T2c8PY9s&t=1381

Ha no kidding

So this is a 10 pin ribbon cable or what?

IDC terminals are dirt cheap, either you pay for that or the labor. I don't think there would be much difference between the two.

Are there other TH parts on the board?

Maybe it's worth to look into "selective soldering".
It is a technique in which solder is pumped upwards though a tube like a little fountain.


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