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WLSCP/BGA package mount for testing without soldering


Hej Everyone,

I got a custom ASIC in a WLSCP package. The thing is tiny: 0.5mm pitch, 0.25mm bump diameter, with a total outline of 5.3x3.2mm.
I will receive a handful of them and would like to be able to test them on a evaluation board.
Since I do not have access to some professional solutions, i would like to get some advice on solutions, where I don't have solder the ASIC onto test board.
The best idea that I have come up with so far, is to create a custom holder, where outline of the package will just fit into.
Then i would apply some pressure from above to make contact with the PCB. Has anyone tried something like this with a bga perhaps?
I'm curious to hear any ideas of how to approach this.

I have seen this used before: https://www.te.com/commerce/DocumentDelivery/DDEController?Action=srchrtrv&DocNm=1640905&DocType=CD&DocLang=EN but I am assuming it is out of your price range. Similar tech here: https://www.ironwoodelectronics.com/products/bga-sockets/

Check with Ironwood Electronics, they make test sockets for a wide range of parts.  But, they are NOT cheap.

Before trying a custom holder, it's probably easier and cheaper to buy a used toaster oven and try that with flux, without stencil or paste.  No guarantee it'll work very long or at all but it has worked for me with a $80 board and a $25 toaster oven.

Stencil and paste would be better but it sounds like you want cheap and easy, so this could be a starting point.


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