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Initially I had a cheap regulator+filter but it proved to be insufficient as the filter was only 40um rated. Water still managed to get into the machine air lines. I had vapor pouring out of feeder slot! Then I bought a 5um regulator+filter from Mindman Taiwan. This is a much better filter and much larger in size. Still I wanted to further improve the air supply although at this stage everything is sort of perfect from the pick and place point of view. So I bought a SMC water separator unit AMG150C which is rated to remove 99% of water. In the future I might add a dryer from SMC too but that's a bit expensive for now. Just take note of the possible drop these devices might add to your line by carefully choosing them. Also be very diligently draining out any water from your tank as frequent as possible.The HWGC guy warned me: the air is the most important aspect of the machine if you want perfect pick and place process.


--- Quote from: JanL on July 22, 2021, 06:13:54 am ---One question to those operating the machine: do you use a water separation device or an air drying device between compressor and machine?

--- End quote ---
I do have a normal one, but I believe the humidity of your region is what should define your effort here, where I live it is dry most of the year, 39% now, compared to 78% in Berlin or 60% in Singapore.

Thank you. As I will operate the machine at room temparature I do not expect some cold spots where water will condense. I will start with a separator first, as drying devices are quiet expensive.

Customer supplied a pick n place file with 0,0 co-ords at the top left. Is there an option somewhere on the machine to transpose that to bottom left? Machine thinks the board is 180 degrees out.

The machine doesn't care where the origin is on your file. When you assign the 4-point for the coordinate translation from PCB coordinate to machine coordinate, it will inform you if it 180 degree rotated based on the 4-point. So, the 4-point that you choose must be correctly positioned (top-left, bottom-left, top-right and bottom-right).


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