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Started working on it here, https://hwgc.jogara.co.uk/ (temp domain)

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my topic suggestion for wiki

1) Prerequisites
2) Installation
3) First Steps
4) Configuration of PCB files
5) Setting up PCB panel.
6) Feeder configuration.
7) Production setup.
8) Setting up footprint
9) Calibration
10) Fault handling.
11) Cautions when updating
12) Corrective and preventive maintenance.

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I have started to fill out what I can though I don't have access to the machine so what I can do is limited.

Feel free to register and ping me a DM with your username. I will enable your account to add content.
Let me know what language to enable. Currently, there is English and Portuguese (Brazil).

To not fill this thread with loads of wiki talk, I have set up a Discord, https://discord.gg/xN8HmN9Tea

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Tonight I register and start feeding with what little knowledge I have

Today I ran 20 board panels easily and error-free. I lost some placements due to my failure in placing the feeder's transparent tape. I loved the machine in this first production, I started to setup the second model.

I am trying to set the correct temperature curve for SAC305 paste, I am using my small oven TS-962 because the 380 volt network is not ready.

VĂ­deo 1
Video 2

Just decided to go with the HW-T8-80F machine, will probably take some time before I get it though. I'll let you guys know what I think when I've had a proper test run!

Good day. For those living in US and who is interested. Pick and place machine and feeders are tax free here in US, but you pay 25% tariff fee. Port fees were ~$550. Delivery from Seattle to Vancouver WA, which is ~170 miles, is $1025 because I need a service with a forklift and this is all my broker could find, or at least he said that. All of this for DU400; 60 feeders; and stencil printer. I've bought the machine from these guys: Beijing Huawei Guochuang Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. and according to their website on alibaba it looks like they are actual factory and they have pictures of the building and everything, but they are not. The name of actual company, which produces these machines, is Beijing Huawei Silkroad Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Almost identical, but one word is different. There are two guys, who manage sells and who are located in the factory, one of them is Liu Jiangtao. Liu is the guy you want to deal with: I communicated to him via whatsup video in real time and he showed me around the company even if he did not benefit from it as he just wanted to proof he is the one, who works at the original factory. So he is the real one. I happened to buy their machine from the guy, who used to work in the company, but claims to belong to the company, see my explanation above. Deal went well and smooth, but now once deal was done, his communication changed for worse. The guy states it doesn't matter if you buy from him or them as it would be the same machine, and I believe it is, but dealing with the actual factory and people, who work there, is much better in my opinion. I glad to know Liu and he promised to provide full support for their machine. Bought their HW-R306 oven and 20 electric feeders as well, will be here in two months or so and this time arranged it door-to-door. Shipping is high.

To the original writer regarding machine specifications: DU400 supports 20mm height components and this is why I've bought it. Here is a video:


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