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--- Quote from: JanL on June 10, 2022, 06:07:05 am ---
--- Quote from: 48X24X48X on June 10, 2022, 12:52:55 am ---Very likely related to the vision settings which I believe could have been unintentionally changed probably due to software upgrade?
Usually, it can due to:

* The radius of scan is smaller than the components
* The threshold has been set wrong
They tend to have over writing default setting when new version comes out. The new version also probably has the LED diffuser attached to the camera which they "might" tested it with the new software and hence maybe adjustment to the settings? This is just my assumption.

--- End quote ---
I checked radius, threshold and placement height several times. They are fine. As I said, 0.xx degrees work perfectly. All those wrongly placed parts have in common, that they are rotateted to -179.xx degrees. When I change rotation on Rs and Cs to 0.xx degrees everything is fine. It looks like there is a limitation to the rotation? It should not happen as the nozzels can rotate endlessly. And it happened to 0603 too. But only this board. And not related to one specific nozzle. I have to check further ...

--- End quote ---
What version is the software? I have yet to install the 8.8.7_T39.

The version is 8.8.7_T12_R

I'm on the same revision as you but haven't seen this before, fortunately.

Did you try 179.00 deg? This sounds almost like a software bug where some developer forgot that the number is not an integer and assumes that if it‘s not <= 179 then it must be >= 180 or something like that.

Hi.  First post here.  This thread is great!  Thanks to everyone for sharing your knowledge.

Does anyone have some general tips for setting up the high-def camera.  I have a tqfp64 chip that I can't get to place properly.  It always gets shifted or rotated slightly.  The best placement comes when I don't use the camera at all.  But it is still off a bit and I need to nudge it which sometimes leads to solder bridges.


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