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In "mount Z setting" increase "Mnt delay" to 15 and "DnSpeed" and "UpSpeed"" decrease down to 55.
Sligtly increase "Offset(mm)".

In English version fast cameras works in open loop mode only.Change language to Chineese.

--- Quote from: Yuriy.m on April 29, 2023, 04:44:20 pm ---I made another project for one feeder. on the machine ok, the test does not pass correctly  https://youtu.be/4yCiSGUNQnE

--- End quote ---

Wrong NozzleDelta calibration

--- Quote from: Yuriy.m on April 29, 2023, 10:20:04 am ---good day! Became the owner of this equipment. I need help. chip SMT Test is not working correctly for me. he puts the element behind the board field. although in automatic mode everything is ok. what it could be. Sorry for my English. :)  https://youtu.be/dVQElVn57pg

--- End quote ---

the cars came without batteries, pulled out upon delivery. the year was 2019. the day before yesterday I put the batteries and set the time and date. the machines are working. HW-T8-80F and HW-T6-64 software Version 8.8.7 And chip SMT Test does not work on both machines. I'll translate it into Chinese and look at it...

gedass2000 tried everything that you advised. anyway, the test behaves incorrectly ...:( He tries to put elements in the test where there is no board. at the same time, it puts it correctly in automatic mode. there are no problems with recognition if there is no element, it says so.

And who knows how to get into the service menu ? password ?


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