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Password is fake.Use "Shift"+"Ctrl"+"Alt"+"P" instead.

--- Quote from: Yuriy.m on May 02, 2023, 10:46:16 am ---And who knows how to get into the service menu ? password ?

--- End quote ---

The problem is solved. as expected, a glitch in the software version 220819_8.8.7_T46_R . the Chinese gave an update and everything worked. ;D


This machine SMT550 is driving me crazy.
One component is all and I want to turn it off. I do that with a hook off.All ok


I bought a component and want to activate it again.no chance.
The machine ignores it no matter what I do.
regrouping doesn't work either or I'm doing it wrong.
How exactly do you group?

Good afternoon colleagues. there is a problem with the high component. how can the problem be solved?

Obviously the machine is not lifting the part high enough when moving XY axes.  Looking at the video, it may be that it has lifted the part as high as it possibly can.  Check the machine specs for maximum component height.   If it is capable of taller components, then there must be a setting for each component that will tell it it has to lift THIS specific part higher than the default.


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