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This is a topic for the documentation and discussion on HWGC P&P machines, commonly resold as SMT550-880 via YX.


Pricing including Feeders

I will try and update these as I have more info. Source https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o59ew0r3EL1JKFsNjkMwd5DyvhckeIeWCILkPt-afos/edit?usp=sharing

Documentation and other files

[Original post]
Seen a couple people on this forum who own YX P&P machines and was wondering if anyone else had it or has the smaller models and can provide feedback?
Just received a quote for an SMT880 and it is a good price with all the free feeders they are including right now.

Not looking to get it tomorrow but hopefully in a couple months time.

My main issue with these sorts of machines is the user interface. Most of the time the actual build of the machine is fine and does what it needs to do but the software lets it down.

How has the SMT880 and SMT660 software been?
What is YX's support like?
If you have had a hardware issue, what was it and how did they deal with it in terms of warranty?

I have attached some documents about the SMT880. Hopefully, we can share some more info about this machine?

I am in the process of buying an SMT550 right now. It has not been going well. The ad said 50 feeders,but they are only sending 15 and I had to buy 15 more at near $1000. I was charged $60 for it to be 110V too.

I'll let you know how it goes from here.

I almost pulled the trigger on one a few years ago.  It was running same price as a used name brand machine so I opted for established brand.  I like to believe china will sort out software issues someday but I keep reminding myself thats wishful thinking.  Name brand units are hard to learn on but once you learn the ideosynchracies they are super reliable.  Somehow I had zero trust that the SMT660 would work 1-2 years later.   

You cant touch a decent condition name brand machine with all the options and features these machines have for near the same price. My personal choices where this or a 14 year old Samsung for double the price. A big reason I went with the SMT550 was that there are users on this forum that have had decent luck with the brand and say that customer support is not bad. If it lasts 3 years, I'm good, and ~$9K over that time isnt bad. It'll pay for itself in less than a year and I'll need something far more significant then if my company keeps growing at this rate.

Its on a boat, should be in LA in about 2 weeks, then on to Chicago, eta 29th May. Probably trailer it back 1st week of June.

All of my machines have been well under $9k with feeders, tons of spares and I have had 20+ pick place machines in last 2.5 years.  Jukis, samsungs, universals, assembleon/yamaha, fuji.  If you are anywhere near chicago I'd love to stop by to see when you get her up and running.  I want to fall in love with these chinese machines but hard to appreciate once you have gotten used to super industrial machines.  We prefer chip shooters as we need 35k+ cph.


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