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2-56 and other small screw cutters or compatible tool for modification

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I have a ATS brand screw cutter guilotine and some milwakee shears that can cleave screws, the idea is you thread in a screw and close the pliers or strike it with a hammer to cleave the screw. My stuff only goes down to 4-40. I wanted this capability for smaller screws.

I cant find a tool to purchase for this job.

Does anyone know of a tool that will handle 2-56 , and smaller? Like a watchmakers tool?

Or have an idea how to modify a existing tool to handle this? I doubt I can mod the ATS cutter which is hardened steel, but perhaps I can drill and tap some holes in some other tool to add this capability?


--- Quote ---but perhaps I can drill and tap some holes in some other tool to add this capability?
--- End quote ---
ive an old crimp tool with a screw cutter that does a pretty good job,smallest it goes down to is 6ba ,but looking at it theres room to add a couple of smaller threads,the cutting edge dont look anything special either,just a hole slightly bigger then the screw.

Hmm well there is a issue of burr.

I figure if you use a counter sink it won't work right. But you don't want a crappy hole either. Best I thought is to clamp it flush with a block of steel, and drill the hole. Like normally you only do this for wood and thin metals, but if you do it with a thick metal you might end up with a good hole. And then ream it.

Maybe mod one of those cheap electricians tools for crimping and stripping?

And should you attempt to harden the hole some how? I thought induction.

I heard you can hook up a inductor heater to a chipped ferrite core (like dangerous coil) to make a high flux at the damaged area, which can heat edges.

I am guessing a torroidal core with a nibble in it or something like that?

For cutting 2-56 and smaller, just use a beefy pair of dikes.

If you thread one or two nuts onto the screw first, the act of unscrewing them will repair any deformation nicely. 

they are nice you can tune it to a 1/10 of a turn its worth the effort to build one if you can.
I am in love with the ATS cutter. it feels like using a banana as a screw driver if you have the real tool

If you care about if the end of screw is flat, then you need to still file a bit. but if you just need length its nearly perfect

side cutters leave an annoying bur, its not smooth to screw in, and you need to fixture and file it, you can't file it in the hole you plan on using, since it can damage threads of the recpetacle

And I guess the nut can make it similar, but its still a bullshit way to do it. there should be a tool. Its too fiddly and annoying.  I hate it. That is how you get fat from stress eating

I also feel extreme agitation if I have to thread nuts on little screw and stuff like that, it makes me procrastinate and avoid the work as much as possible.


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