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2020 aluminum extrusions

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Alex Eisenhut:
These extrusions seem popular and cheap.

They also come in various lengths so I don't need to cut them myself. Cool.

All I want to build is the world's most useless Commodore 64 chassis build. So a frame with some PCB standoffs and some extra bracing to hold other boards, sort of like a PC test bench, but for fun.

Can anyone tell me if they ordered this stuff from aliexpress, does it arrive in usable shape? What other hardware should I look for to make a nice big order? I know there's t-nuts, solidifier plates (triangle things), what else?


Last lot of T slot I brought was a lot less than that locally ($7.25/m AUD to $20AUD on AliX via your link).

The fittings are/were a different matter Aliexpress or evilbay are typically way cheaper than local. Same thing applies to 4 and 5mm screws etc.

Also for drilling and tapping I designed a simple drill jig here if it helps also a link to a step drill to suit https://www.eevblog.com/forum/3d-printing/3d-printer-yet/msg3571113/#msg3571113

Depending on how many you need, may be cheaper to order from Misumi.
I ordered the brackets and screws from Ali and the 2020 extrusions from Misumi. They still ended up with a few dents on the ends (same as the ali ones are shown in their reviews, go to reviews and click Photos button).

You'll want M5 screws, M5 t-nuts, brackets. Maybe M3 t-nuts, plastic inserts or clips, depending on if you have a 3D printer or not.

Yeah, I bought 2020 extrusion in bulk from Misumi a while back. Worked out pretty cheap, even with shipping.  I like having an inventory available of the stuff for when an idea comes along.   

 But definitely shop around for the nuts, screws, and angle brackets from other sources (china). And buy plenty. They can be pricey, and you wind up using WAY more of them than you realize.

 You do need a chop saw with the right blade to cut the 2020 to length though. Also helps to have a 5mm tap.


--- Quote ---You do need a chop saw with the right blade to cut the 2020 to length though.
--- End quote ---
Hacksaw and an engineers square  is much cheaper,although it does require  a bit more effort than just pressing a button.


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