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220 volt BLDC motor

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I have a couple of milling machines that are ex military. When the military in the UK attach the word "EX" it basically means cut as many wires as you can to stop other people using it.

I have spent some time rewiring and am sure that the controller is not working so need to find another that will do the job. There are several options for this but I do have some VFDs for normal 3 phase motors and if possible it would make sense to use one of those.

The motor says 1100 watts 220 volts so will that be 220v phase ground or 220v phase phase. Obviously if it is phase phase then a mains operated VFD will blow it up. I cannot find any reference to the motor or the controller that I have on t'interweb anywhere.

The voltage rating of the motor would be between phases and unlike most induction motors you generally can't rewire the motor, (as in wye/delta configuration). Also, an ordinary VFD can't usually run permanent magnet (BLDC, PMAC) motors. There are high-end ones that can but I think you'd know if you had one of those - then again, perhaps you do.


Not likely to be high end.

I actually mended one of the controllers. A blown w005 bridge rectifying mains!!!!!!

It is one very similar to this: https://www.amadeal.co.uk/acatalog/Amadeal-VM32LV-Milling-Machine.html

Mine has Weiss written on it.

I didn't think I would be able to repair the controllers as they are seriously potted but some heat, some poking, scraping, Dremel etc etc ( I am sure you have all been there) and I managed to get the stuff off. Having done one I just removed the potting on the area of the bridge on the second one and sure enough, same fault on the second one.

Problem solved.

Ha, how strange is that, I just took delivery of a lathe from Amadeal and my first reaction during inspection was how freakin' small the spindle motor is considering it's rated 1.5kW (I have a hard time believing that rating...) - and indeed the controller is potted.

Would you care to share an image or two of your controller and where you dug into it?


Unfortunately the second one has more faults. The small bridge rectifier drives a VIPer22A PWM voltage regulator do dad that makes 12 volts ish from the rectified mains. That in turn drives into a 7805. The 7805 was blown so some more digging and stuck a  new one in and now it is not getting hot like it was but still isn't giving me the BLDC out. It does now have the 5 volt needed for the hall inputs and other stuff so making progress. Hoping it is not the driver transistors, they are seriously potted top and bottom and middle so it will be serious hard work to get them out successfully.


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