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3018 pro max power supply issues


Hi, I had ordered a YoFuly 3018 CNC pro max machine a year ago, and finally got around to assembling it today. Once assembled I plugged in the offline controller and also installed candle on my ubuntu/mint machine.

The CNC comes with a 200W spindle and an SMPS which says its rating is 24V/10A.

Now, I am facing the following issue. When the CNC is connected to the computer and I give a command to turn the spindle on, it looks like the machine temporarily power cycles. I connected the 24VDC line to a DSO and the dip in voltage is quite clear (and astounding!)

I'm pasting photos of both the oscilloscope and the power supply.

Has anyone using these chinese CNC machines faced similar issues? Is there an easy fix, or should I just bite the bullet and get (or make) a 24dc supply rated for atleast 200W (maybe more). Would putting a big ass capacitor somewhere help?

The product is not under any kind of warranty so I don't mind opening the power supply and seeing what can be done to it.


well.. I put in a 470uF cap at the 24VDC terminal and the spike is no longer huge, but it is still there, and the board does not reset.

I'll just open the smps and put in a big cap and that should be it.

I ordered one of these after Christmas and I must admit that whilst I've played with it I haven't probed it.

It is my intention to replace the included power supply with something reputable when I get around to it, probably something from Meanwell or similar

These tend to have exposed terminals but it would be in conjunction with making a box for the machine to dampen noise and catch dust so I'll kid proof it at the same time (I have some very enthusiastic young helpers)

The supply it has works, but being an unknown ebay thing I trust it about as far as I could throw it

Hope you're as happy with your machine as I am with mine

I'm getting some time to play with it, so looking forward. I'm new to any kinds of graphic/3d design, so something new to learn for me. The power supply issues are fixed as I put a 3300uF/35V electrolytic cap, and a ceramic cap in parallel along with an indicator led on the 24v wire out of the adapter.


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