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40W 300x200mm Laser Cutter Engraver - Vollerun

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First off NO this is not a cheap K40/Blue evilbay laser. It is a mid priced Vollern WR3020 one from http://en.voiernlaser.com/ and ordered from here https://www.aliexpress.com/store/2857016?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.653c4c4d4yXqoi

Basic transaction was fairly simple dealing with Ronny whose English is good. For a freight option I used TNT air which was under a week for delivery. Sea Freight would have meant port fees handling and a delay so Air made sense in this case.

Basic specs are 40W, 300x200mm Bed, Air Assist nozzle, water cooled and adjustable height bed. It includes water and air pumps and also an extraction fan and ducting. Mine also came with an Aluminium Honeycomb platform and the standard fixture platform.

The costs of a cheap K40 brought to this spec with extras and time spent makes this one well worth considering.

It will take a few days to get to a first cut so patience including for me >:D

The few shots in this post are just a quick look at. There is a few minor cosmetic issues (including a crack of the front window) to deal with but generally packaging and contents look good  :)

Watching with keen interest

Adjustable feet on. I forgot before the head also includes a low power laser diode for initial setup.

Linear Rail and belt drive seems really nice on the cross axis. The other axis runs a dual ended Nema Stepper driving belts at each side and a chunky rail and cable rack.

TERRA Operative:
First job is to peel that blue plastic film off the PSU enclosure!

Best part of a new thing is peeling the protective film off.

Agreed  :-+ Blue film removed from the stock bed, external handles, paper removed from the cracked window and I will get into the PSU tomorrow when I have a proper look at the electrics and in particular the Earthing on the Chinese made product :palm:


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