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A new journey begins.... Omnisign 4000 1390 CO2 laser cutter

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With my little K40 still sitting in the corner, ageing quietly, our dear Beanflying has successfully exercised his enabling powers ... ... again.   :palm:

Just over a week ago, I get a message with a link to an eBay item.  It shows a commercially available laser machine with a work area that perfectly fits my aspirations.  It also includes an industrial chiller, rotary engraving table, motorised "Z" axis, air pump and axial exhaust fan with ducting.  Just add water, as they say.

It has one other point of note .... fire damage.  eBay auction: #175394717874

Tonight, I won it - at just one bid increment over the starting price.

Now I have to work out how to get a 1.9m x 1.6m x 1.1m unit weighing around 400kg (according to the distributor's spec sheet) down one driveway and up another .... 300km away.

Then I can start working on the "why it isn't working properly".

Bean, take a bow.   |O

(Mind you, he didn't have to try very hard  )


I suspect this has more mass than all my prior EEVBlog enables combined - proud moment  :-DD

Hmm ... let me see ....  this, then that - one of those and ... ...

Yep easily top of the list.  (Not hard when the main box comes in at 400kg ... and then there are the accessories).  Wins out on $ value as well ... by a long chalk!

That said, the cost of the machine, accessories and delivery was still around $500 less than what I put in as my max bid for just the auction.  So I can honestly say, that part was great.

Logistics organised.  Picking up today - delivering tomorrow.

Would have cost me around $500 doing it myself with a vehicle that had a tailgate loader a little smaller than it really needed to be, including wrestling it at both ends, as well as doing 300km driving there and 300km driving back.  Got it onto a backload with an experienced business on a quite capable truck delivered to my driveway for $650.  For the sake of $150 - I'm more than happy to sit here.  (Besides, I'm still getting over a cold.)

My only reservation is not having seen the item beforehand.  It has been sold as "For parts, not working" - but that seems to be because the seller can't be bothered trying to fix it any further after the fire.  I believe things were basically operational, but just not reliable - particularly at speed.  Now I have the added risk of transport ... so I am anxiously awaiting the chance to see what I bought.

If I can sort it out, it will be a brilliant purchase.

Oh shit.  Now I have to make room in my garage.   :palm:

SWMBO has been told I got another laser and has been given hints as to its size (like: "It won't fit into her station wagon").  She has NO idea of the cost, but I did say it was coming on a truck.   ::)

I might be sleeping out in the garage with it tomorrow night.


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