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I have a question regarding (I believe) actuators.

Although I have little experience, mechanical actuators turn a gear (maybe a worm gear) to move the arm in and out whereas electrical uses a differential voltage (?) to move the arm.

Does an actuator exist that remains neutral so it can be moved, and then applying a voltage locks it into place (then removing the voltage unlocks it again)?

Searching online didn't seem to lead me to anything, so I'm curious if they exist and what they'd be called. Does anyone know and/or have experience using such an actuator?

Stepper motors move freely when unpowered, and stay at the last position when powered.

It's called a linear motor.

It would help to draw a photo of what you are trying to achieve.

Electric brakes exist,

But it sounds like you want the brake itself to move linearly, not axially? Search for linear brake.

Probably not cheap.

It's for a project I was thinking of.

Ideally I'd like an actuator to pull in and out, but I might be able to use a stepper motor.


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