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af8 crimp tool tightening?

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works great, be careful inserting strands. No-nogo gauge reassured me. 4 fails in a row.. bad day

bought the go-nogo gauge so I don't waste peoples time with crimp troubleshooting

go/no go gauge seems to say the tool is fine. Must have been some user error.. better work under a well lit magnifier this time

No one has seen a crimp tool that passes gauge test but still does not crimp have they?

ok, it worked. I guess I must have kept losing wire strands during insertion.

So it seems that its a good tool after all.. just gotta be REALLY careful. Don't know how I managed to screw up 4 crimps in a row.......

with solder and large connectors it hardly matters if you lose a strand, with this thing you gotta be real good.

I now also own this tool the af8 and the afm8.
Did you use the correct setting, brand connector and belonging turret?
I never had a failed crimp yet (done 40+)

The tool it self costs $400+ which is reasonable if you take into account that the 1:1 copies from China will set you back over $200.

But why do they sell hundreds of turrets (one for every connector type) each costing over $150 ? I mean the only thing it does is holding the barrel centralized and in the right distance for the crimp.


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