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air filter for tig welder?


So I gotta say, the whole concept of this welder with the conformal coating and boards exposed to the stream of grinder dust and weld fumes is just bizzare.
I think they are going about this whole thing totally the wrong way. Rather then to seal it (its still a irregular surface area thats a total bastard to clean), I think the solution is to put some kind of dust filter on the thing.

It should auto shut down if you forget the clean the filters.

Any ideas for a low pressure drop inline filter material that can be used for the welder? I imagined a 3d printed frame with the filter pressed into it. Maybe a modified automotive cabin filter or something..

I also thought to get maybe heavier gauge longer cables so the welder can be put far away from the work area. And perhaps to use my stand *modular gas torch holder* to act like a adapter, so I can have a heavy gauge cable leading to the welder, and then terminate it with a few feet of ligher gauge cable so the hand piece is not annoying.


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