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Anyone experienced with S7-300 or ET200S programming? Pls help a n00b

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Any S7 (with profinet) will have the same TIA licensing "problem". Doesn't matter if the 1200 series, or the ET200S or whatever else. I see no point in buying new. What great features will I get from buying a poor S7-1200 brick, that I won't have with ET200S? Yes, I know its old. But still profinet. Still widely used in the industry.
But I agree the S7-300 with ProfiBus is ancient stuff, better get rid of it. That one I could change for S7-1200  ;)

Well, i wouldn't call a S7-1200 "poor brick", it is relatively capable, better than many old 300s that are installed. We made quite a few projects with the 1200s, where the 1500 would be a bit overkill. It is great for machine building applications, last time i used it for the machine with around 110 I/O's. You even have an F version for the fail-safe applications (no more safety relays)...
S7-300 is of course still widely used, but not really for new projects. Those will be around for quite some time, as there are hundreds of millions systems around the world on the 300 platform.

I don't know where are you from, but in my part of the world, Siemens is de facto standard in the automation world. If you want to go into automation waters, you must look at what is most widelly used system in your area. For me Siemens is the first platform of PLCs that you must start with if you want to get serious... But for a hobby i wouldn't recommend it, mainly due to it's price...

It depends on company. You can't say Siemens is the go-to vendor of PLCs. We have plenty of local plants using Siemens, but I know also plenty that do use other brands like Rockwell, WAGO or Phoenix Contact. It may even be project-based - depending who won the contract.
In the end yes, Siemens has probably the mjority of installations in large plants.

For hobby, there are definitely cheap and cheaper solutions. But I am more interested in the pro stuff. But not really just for hobby, but for the occasional contract or two. To learn some new options and possibilities.

I just noticed, that they have also S7-1200 starter kits, which includes Tia portal Basic (don't know what basic is) and optional HMI... Maybe worth a look if you want legal version of Tia...
But still... Russia is much cheaper  ;)

For these S7-300 and S7-400 PLCs there have been some free 3rd party dev-tools. Search with STEP7 not S7.

These classic CPUs are not that ancient, not by standard features or round times or programming features (as Siemens interpretation of standard is in use at both) etc.

Just don't format those SD-cards in a whim they contain hidden system information.


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