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Anyone experienced with S7-300 or ET200S programming? Pls help a n00b

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I have a bunch of old discarded PLC, that I would like to reuse to some projects. But I have absolutely no idea, where to start and what I need for it - which programming software,programming cables or other accessories and how to do it.

The PLCs in question is S7-300 and ET200S.  I have tried to do my research, but have not found much definitive info, as to what I need to program them or do anything with them. I have found out that in the past, some "STEP 7 Lite" software was used on the PC side to program them, unfortunately this software is obsolete and no longer available. The replacement should be "TIA portal" or whatever it is called. But it seems a whole lot of mess to a beginner, I have really no idea, where to look first.

So can anyone please point me to some manbual/tutorial, or simply write in short, what are the required tools to work with these?

Thank you for any hints, meanwhile, I will try to look further, if I can come up with anything. I have unforutenately no previous experience programming any Siemens PLCs, so am out of ideas.

For S7 and ET200 you will need TIA portal. You can get trial directly from Siemens (you will have to register and confirm you're not violating any export bans)


The version you need is dependent on the FW revision of the PLC you are connecting to. If you are opening any ready made program you will need the exact version the program was made in (guaranteed to work) or higher (you can migrate but YMMV)

for this old 'coucous' (sorry that's french), the main itch is the "programming cable" something like this one https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Siemens-972-0CB20-0XA0-USB-MPI-USB-PPI/dp/B0761N94G5
then finding TIA portal is not something impossible
then learn ladder programming
that's all
for me, those old versions with those impossible proprietary cables drives me nuts. i tested some new one with ethernet, you connect it to your router, find him with some siemens tool, assign a new ip address and start programming.
but if you love it, buy the cable, imho it isn't worthy. for learning, buy a newer one and learn ladder or whatever you like as technique

Offload them on ebay and buy a new PLC.
If you want to practice ladder, check the Unitronics free software https://www.unitronicsplc.com

No programming cables needed, I have the ET200S version with profinet. (but the S7-300 unfortunately is with PB-DP, but I have seen some programming cables on aliexpress :D )

The most problem I see is with the TIA and licensing and getting it to work.  Where to locate the demo? I couldn't find any link to download anything. The best I could do is to register to see prices of the products  :scared:

Ladder? Meh.. boring stuff I am not afraid of (yet).


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