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best grounding washers?

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What problems is the serrated washer adding exactly?

If you are just doing this for yourself, then measure the resistance, most likely its fine if the surfaces are un-painted and un-anodized as mentioned.
If this is for a proper job related to earth bonding, with any sort of regulations, then don't screw around and spend the 5c on a washer.

But read the document, they build stuff for the navy and they don't seem to recommend using a washer unless there is paint. I don't think this has anything to do with money. What it looks like is that it might be counter productive.

I think the idea is that
1) washer reduces bond area
2) washer allows for ingress of corrosive materials
3) grease is less secure

and they even seem to say that the washer is like a cheap-ass solution compared to stripping the paint and just bolting it.

And that document says that the washers are NOT approved by the ship yard, its a suggestion to use the washers to save man hour cost on paint stripping and masking planning! The entire point seems to be to convince the navy to use the washers to reduce costs.

Are you building marine equipment where ingress is relevant?
Does bond area matter, given the currents you are dealing with?

but my man hours don't count and I paint the metal myself so I would rather put masking tape and sand it then have star washers if its all the same

like why bother having metric and imperial serrated washer kits if their not necessary unless your trying to save dollars on like big stuff, I am not the government.

Masking tape + hole punch set, I already have that. I don't want to put together a unnecessary kit of weird hardware.

They are necessary for certain applications and industries as we've discussed.

If masking, sanding is what you prefer, then do that.


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