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best grounding washers?

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If you search for grounding washer, you get a whole variety of washers.

There are the star ones (internal external) and then some washers that get weird looking, kind of like nordlock.

What are the best grounding washers?

I'm also interested in this topic. But I think know as little as you do about it. Is there a definition of what a grounding washer actually is? You want to connect a wire with an eye or fork terminal to a body of metal I assume?

no just for joining two things electrically. You can have a tabbed grounding washer that you solder or crimp to a wire

I think surface preparation is way more important than the washer you gonna use. If both surface are properly cleaned and all coating/paint/oxide removed, then you can use a regular washer.

If not, you probably have to think about how thick is the layer you need to pierce through before making contact. Also if you have a thick layer of paint, the connection might loosen up after some time as the paint get compressed.

pity they dont make piranha nuts smaller than 20mm


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