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bevel star washers making tool (HF)

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So I know this machine exists, I saw it years ago on youtube from harbor freight but I just cant recall the name or find it.

Basically sometimes you want a star washer to go into a chamfuer hole, i.e. in HP equipment. I saw a jig a while back that looked like a buncha bowl shaped craters in a metal block, with holes iirc, so you put the washer in, then put a appropriate ball bearing on top, then bend it into a bowl shape some how (press or hammer).

It cost like $25. Does anyone know of the kit? or an alternative? I think it was made for making belveill type washers or something.

I thought to drill a chamfuer hole into a steel block and try it that way, but IIRC the geometry of this was rounded, rather then inverted cone.. I think that leads to better bends\

it had like 20 of those craters and bearings so you can do various sizes

Are you sure it was for shaping washers for chamfered (countersunk) holes?  As you mention, I am pretty sure it would be for making Belleville Washers?  I believe those are indeed formed using a ball bearing, although they are referred to as "conical" washers when actually they're more like a dome with a bit missing.

I've never seen a press like this for sale, although I have no doubt they exist.  It does seems to be a bit too niche for a place like Harbour Freight.  If you have access to lathe and mill then it is something you could knock up pretty quickly for use on a small press.  For production purposes it would be hardened.

Derick Freese:
Sorry for the late reply, but I think this is what you were looking for:


yes thats it, I have a few more HP repairs coming up so maybe when I loose more washers and screws I can look into it to do a bulk chassis repair at a value

That is a neat tool (posted above) to have .
I swear I am not affiliated with McMaster Carr.
But you could just buy them already shaped for about the same cost.  https://www.mcmaster.com/standard-washers/lock-washers/countersunk-external-tooth-lock-washers/
Or even cheaper if you can find them elsewhere.


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