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Boring topic - drilling RPM range etc - affordable bench drill, German market

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While I haven't had time yet to set up the machine and try it out,

an intermediate update w.r.t. the somewhat messy, not really new seeming package I got, some little missing parts, and the rust etc.
I was asking the manufacturer, Bernardo, about that.
They did apologize about that, and too, opined, that it looks like superficial rust and can probably be removed.
But they offered to send some accessories for free, to make up for the suboptimal experience. Like a kit of drill bits.
Since I already bought drills, I asked for a discount on a machine vice that was mentioned in the manual as optional accessory.
Well - they sent me one, entirely for free! Nothing special, simple vice. That is mighty nice, though.
Now I really hope that nothing serious is wrong with the machine when I'm ready to test it. Please universe, don't destroy this rectified experience! :D

I bough a cheap priced Scheppach drill.
Make sure you throw away the chinese chuck that comes with it, they have terrible concentricity.
Buy and fit a Röhm Chuck instead, that way you end up with a reasonably prived bench drill with decent concentricity.
Well suited for my needs which is the occasional hole in metal cases or reworking holes in 3D prints.


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