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Can a 3D printer job specify different colours for labels etc?

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A dual extruder dual nozzle printer (usually designed for doing a main material plus a weak or dissolvable support material) could do this. I'm pretty sure Ultimaker's Cura slicer (open source) has settings which let you pretty easily do this for circumstances, such as if the label you want to have a different colour is on different height layers than the main colour. You can create intersecting shapes in cura and tell it to print with the alternative material in area where the intersection crosses the main model.

There is another option too, recessed text and shapes can have very liquid "paints" poured in to them after printing.

741: I'd highly recommend buying a printer, adequate ones start around £250. Creality is a well regarded brand and very easy to get spare parts for maintenance. Prusa is good too but pricier. £370 to £500 can get you a very effective machine in practice for single extrusion jobs. Dual extrusion printers though start above £700 or so. If you don't own a printer you'll be sending an stl file off to print-on-demand service, there won't be a way to specify gcode or cunning dual extrusion tricks or pauses, or use slicers like Cura. In an stl there is no way to specify colurs or anything like that. You need to be in control of the slicing and gcode to make theses sort of specifications.


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